Резюме financial controller Мужчина Ташкент финансовый анализ контроль

ID 11498
Пол: Мужчина
Дата рождения: 11 July 1986
Город: Ташкент
Раздел: Бухгалтерия, финансы, аудит
Специализация: Финансовый анализ и контроль
Должность: Financial controller
Занятость: Полная занятость
Образование: Высшее магистр
Учебные заведения (перечислите в обратной последовательности год поступления и окончания, название ВУЗа, факультет и специальность): 2010 JICA Japan-Uzbek center of Human resources development (MBA) Professional Management Program, ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT 2009 Tashkent Financial Institute Finance, Financial Management 2007 Tashkent Financial Institute Finance, Finance and Credit
Дополнительное образование (перечислите все курсы и тренинги в обратной последовательности): 2017 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Finance 2014 Certified Professional Appraiser State Property Committee of Uzbekistan, Valuation services 2014 “Risk Management” LUKOIL Overseas Company, Risk Management 2014 Exploration and Production accounting – level 2 MDT International, Finance/Accounting 2013 Petroleum Project Economics and Risk Management MDT International, Finance/Accounting
Знание ПК (указать программы и степень владения): эксперт
Знание языков: Узбекский - В совершенстве
Другой язык: Russian — native English — I can attend an interview Uzbek — I am a fluent speaker
Водительские права:   B
Опыт работы (перечислите все места работы, какую должность занимали, причины увольнения): , June 2013 — till now 4 years 7 months JV ARALSEA OPERATING COMPANY LLC Uzbekistan Budget and Finance Controller Job functions: Management of financial-economic activity of the Company; conduction of accounting and planning of the budget, preparation of financial plans and reports, including financial forecasts and modeling; elaboration, preparation and submission of drafts of Annual Work Program and Budget of the Company, as well as financial and management reports thereto to the Company Management. Job duties: • permanent cooperation and assistance with employees of Finance planning Division regarding the financial, accounting and budget issues; • communicate with partners for financial, accounting, and budget issues, including cash calls; • Preparation and monitoring of annual work program and various budget and forecast reporting. • elaboration, preparation and submission of financial and management plans, reports; • weekly monitoring of the budget and preparation of discrepancy reports; • preparation and submission of relevant reports to the Authorized Body, Investors in accordance with PSA, JOA, JOCA and other documents of the Company; • Coordinate the work of partners for Budget planning; • preparation of annual budget of the Company and preparation of information on budget fulfillment of the Company; • preparation of Financial statements; • development and management of Financial plans, provision of economic modeling for making predictions; • management and elaboration of long-term reports in terms of financial forecasting and modeling; • Analysis of economic-financial activity of the Company, participation in working-out of proposals directed to intended use of financial resources, strengthening of financial discipline, economic calculation, as well as the quality fulfillment of financial plan; • manage the conduction of comparative analysis of Company’s performance in order to implement best practices in terms of financial management and planning; • active participation in financial activity of the Company and in taking the important financial decisions; • provision of timely preparation and submission of financial and management reporting, as well as reporting of the results of Company financial performance to the Company Management; • coordination and fulfillment of other similar duties, including cooperation and assistance with audit organizations; • provision of assistance to personnel of accounting Division in their activity; • Keeping and use of confidential information, obtained or acquired in the course of execution of job duties in the way that excludes the possibility of its loss or use by any third persons, not being the employees of the Company. Finance and Budget Controller is obliged not to alienate, not to exchange, not to publish, not to disclose whatsoever the confidential information to any third persons and to take all possible actions to prevent its publishing or distribution whatsoever. January 2011 — June 2013 2 years 6 months CSJC «General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan» Uzbekistan Senior Financial Analyst • Participation in Actual / Forecast / Budget financial reporting consolidation, analysis and validation process by working closely with Budget & Reporting teams in GM IO (GM International Operations) • Preparation of financial reports (Balance sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow) and analysis of budgets vs. actual for the GMPT-UZ management team and for Regional and Corporate Headquarters • Ensure adherence to revenue and cost targets, highlighting risks of non target compliance • Coordination of cost controlling process with the Functional Staff Heads in GMPT-UZ by validating, consolidating the Budgets from departments with support of Finance Analysts. • Regular Business Case update for various input parameters e.g. Investment amount, volumes, contribution and structural cost etc. Subsequently identify potential deterioration of BC output parameters such as local content, profitability, transfer price implications etc. • Tracking changes in engine bill of material, identifying risks and reasons of cost increase and impact on profitability and local content • Conducting diverse business case studies such as “Make vs. Buy” analyses; financial evaluation of incremental production; provide cost comparison of alternative outsourced services scenarios to management etc. • Responsible for delivering the Controlling part of Finance presentation to quarterly Supervisory Board Meeting with support of Finance Analysts • Finance Approver role in SAP: o ensuring proper cost allocation i.e. expense & cost center, expense vs. capital working closely with Accounting and SAP teams o make sure requisitions do not exceed the budgeted amounts for expense and capital expenditure working closely with requisitioner-functions o Providing input to Asset Accounting and SAP teams on capital spending in the process of asset creation, ensuring proper asset to cost center relationship etc. • Supports ‘Ad Hoc’ financial studies as may be needed and provides cross-functional support as needed. • Contracts with affiliated companies for Supply or Purchase parts and/or engines.January 2008 — January 2011 3 years 1 month Grant Thornton Uzbekistan, www.gtrus.com Department Manager • Appraisal of real estate, business and annual reassessment of fixed assets. • Drawing up Business plans. Marketing research. Professional analysis of financial reports.
Личные качества: My solid background as a Finance & Budget Controller, Senior Financial Analyst of FP&A/Controlling, Department Manager in Business valuation and business planning and in other finance roles for major Companies, including JV Aral Sea Operating Company (Oil&Gas), General Motors (greenfield project) and Grant Thornton Valuation has allowed me to hone my considerable skills that can be effectively utilized by your Company. The scope of my expertise is extensive and includes the full complement of corporate finance, budgeting, forecasting and reporting functions. Equally important are my qualifications in economics, management (MBA) and finance (ACCA in progress). If you are seeking a proactive finance professional to complement your management team, I would welcome a personal interview. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Sandjar Irismetov
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