Резюме department head Мужчина Ташкент финансовый анализ контроль

ID 11499
Пол: Мужчина
Дата рождения: 10 May 1984
Город: Ташкент
Раздел: Бухгалтерия, финансы, аудит
Специализация: Финансовый анализ и контроль
Должность: Department Head
Занятость: Полная занятость
Образование: Высшее бакалавр
Учебные заведения (перечислите в обратной последовательности год поступления и окончания, название ВУЗа, факультет и специальность): Higher 2011 TUEV NORD Academie (Germany) TUEV NORD Academie (Germany) courses -"Quality Auditor" and Quality Manager" (ISO 9001, 14001)., Certificates of "Quality Auditor" and "Quality Manager" on standards ISO 9001, 14001. 2008 CIPA-EN (Uzbekistan) CIPA-EN courses on Financial Accounting. CIPA-EN courses on Managerial Accounting., CIPA-EN Certificate on Financial Accounting. CIPA-EN Certificate on Managerial Accounting 2006 University of World Economy and Diplomacy International Economic Relations, Bachelor's in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics, Finance, International Economic Relations
Дополнительное образование (перечислите все курсы и тренинги в обратной последовательности): 2014 Co-piloting General Management in financial control and decision making. Nestle Russia, Financial Control and Management. 2012 Project Management Course on a Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide by PMI) and ISO 21500:2012 - Guidance on Project Management Tuev Nord, Miebach Consulting Group (Germany), Project Management according the Principles and Standards of PMBOK and ISO 21500:2012 2012 Financial control of global purchasing and supply chain processes in new model production projects. GM Korea, GM toolbox for financial control of purchasing and supply chain. 2011 Course organized by GIZ (Germany) on "Kaizen/Lean Production". GIZ (Germany), GIZ Certificate of "Kaizen/Lean Production Consultant" on implementing its Standards and Tools. 2011 TUEV NORD Academie (Germany) courses -"Quality Auditor" and Quality Manager" (ISO 9001, 14001). TUEV NORD Academie (Germany), Certificates of "Quality Auditor" and "Quality Manager" on standards ISO 9001, 14001. 2008 CIPA-EN courses on Financial Accounting. CIPA-EN courses on Managerial Accounting CIPA-EN (Uzbekistan), CIPA-EN Certificate on Financial Accounting. CIPA-EN Certificate on Managerial Accounting.2012 Toefl (ibt-internet based test) www.ets.org, English 2011 Course organized by GIZ (Germany) on "Kaizen/Lean Production". GIZ (Germany), GIZ Certificate of "Kaizen/Lean Production Consultant" on implementing its Standards and Tools. 2011 TUEV NORD Academie (Germany) courses -"Quality Auditor" and Quality Manager" (ISO 9001, 14001). TUEV NORD Academie (Germany), Certificates of "Quality Auditor" and "Quality Manager" on standards ISO 9001, 14001. 2008 CIPA-EN courses on Financial Accounting. CIPA-EN courses on Managerial Accounting CIPA-EN (Uzbekistan), CIPA-EN Certificate on Financial Accounting. CIPA-EN Certificate on Managerial Accounting
Знание ПК (указать программы и степень владения): эксперт
Знание языков: Узбекский - В совершенстве
Другой язык: Uzbek — native English — I am a fluent speaker German — basic knowledge Russian — I am a fluent speaker Turkish — I read professional literature
Водительские права:  
Опыт работы (перечислите все места работы, какую должность занимали, причины увольнения): , Work experience —11 years 7 months May 2013 — till now 4 years 8 months Nestle Uzbekistan, llc FMCG Company-IBT ltd Uzbekistan, www.nestle.com Financial Controller, previously - Senior Financial Analyst Responsibilities and functions: • Financial controlling the business activities and resources one of the main businesses of Nestle Uzbekistan, achieving cost efficient and effective structure for sustainable and profitable business growth model which is consistent with corporate policies and local legislation; • Controlling company solvency, financial evaluating and checking company contracts, ensuring accuracy in financial reporting and bookkeeping, controlling consistency among 1C data, Bank account reports and financial documents; • Managing relevant Budgets vs. Actuals reports and identifying significant variances, analyzing the causes in the collaboration with all departments of the company; • Business strategic planning in line with Zone and Global business strategies, operational planning and monthly dynamic forecasting; • Monitoring budgets of main cost centers (sales, distribution, marketing, productions and purchasing), identifying significant variances, generating audit check points; • Checking the efficiency of pre-post evaluation of trade and brand marketing activities, bonus schemes for distributors and sales teams, developing and optimizing control of transportation and distribution processes, coaching new members and consulting on main business indicators and value creation framework; • Portfolio / SKUs optimization, price analysis and definition, new products management, drive the cost saving initiatives and value chain improvement; • Maintaining strong cross functional relationship with marketing, sales, production and supply chain departments and managing reporting team to provide on-time and accurate data for managerial decision making; • P&L, Cash Flow and Trade Working Capital management – performance measurement, gap analysis and corrective action to ensure target profitability and to bridge profitability gaps; • Monthly on-time reporting to local and regional management actual Financials, Dynamic forecasts, operational plans and investment evaluations in compliance with International Accounting Standards; Gained transferable skills and achievements: • Gained skills in financial control, managing team and consulting on main business KPIs , maintaining good relationship and data exchange among main cost centers (purchasing, production, sales and marketing departments); • Excellent analytical skills: making thorough analysis of HOD channel in Water Business, developing and implementing concrete actions for improvement of KPIs and business processes, achieving profitability increase in HOD channel; • Making detailed evaluation (marketing and economic research, financial analysis) and feasibility study of investment project for getting CAPEX approval from Nestle Waters Headquarters; • Reaching efficiency in analysis of sales, financial actuals and forecasting, effectiveness in control of marketing and distribution expenses, co-piloting to General Management in reaching targets and active participation in market business strategy development. January 2012 — May 2013 1 year 5 months International Investment Project of Uzbeksitan UNG and Korea oil and gas companies "Construction of Ustyurt gas-chemical complex on the base of Surgil field". International Project of General Motors "Global vehicle for emerging markets GSV-EM": organization of global car brand "Cobalt" production Uzbekistan, www.uz-kor.com/ Project Finance Specialist - Global Purchasing and Supply Chain Specialist within Project Implementation Unit Responsibilities and functions: • Development of complex marketing research of investment project in order to define main risks and opportunities, developing and maintaining complex financial model, generating market and financial analysis, investment appraisal, economic evaluation and risk analysis of the project; • Managing the consolidation of budgets, tracking expenses according to financial model, forecasting and analyzing variances, applying appropriate tool box for integrating into the project evaluation and cost control; • Comparative analysis of purchasing prices and transportation costs for auto components within the project, controlling the cost of auto parts to be purchased for Cobalt model; • Analyzing data and delivery terms in contracts, purchase orders, requests for quotation, and commercial proposals, evaluating and forecasting the impact of price and exchange rate changes on the total cost of auto components; • Analyzing Budget vs Actuals, variance analysis, preventing cost overruns, financial evaluation and justification of overruns for approval; • Maintaining and coordinating relations with project stakeholders and participants, information and launch supporting of Project Implementation Unit, project on-time reporting to management; • Developing marketing, financial and economic appraisal of localization projects, presenting recommendations on improvement of internal control processes among different departments for effective realization of the Project Gained transferable skills and achievements: • International project experience and excellent skills at generating complex marketing research and financial modeling, financial and economic evaluation of investment projects; • Attained skills at analyzing huge amount of information, identifying priorities, planning tasks, performing tasks and managing people, good abilities for official and effective corresponding, negotiating and preparing reports. • Achievements in reducing consultant expenses, developing tools for control and optimizing budgeting and financial modeling processes; • Gained practical experience in control of Global Purchasing and Supply Chain processes, attained skills in analyzing prices and transportation costs, supplier sourcing, negotiating and contracting; • Providing marketing, financial and economic evaluation of localization projects that were approved by General Management for realization; Reason of leaving: ending of project's structuring and financing stages, project ending. December 2010 — December 2012 2 years 1 month International Projects of (EU, GIZ -Germany and Central Asia): "Capacity Building towards Advancing Quality Management in the Transport & Logistics Sector". "Implementation of Kaizen/Lean production instruments in enterprises" Uzbekistan, www.giz.de/en/worldwide/364.html Internal Auditor and Manager on QMS Responsibilities and functions: • Making analysis, assessment and audit of Management Systems (QMS) in local pilot companies within the projects; • Generating consultations on improvement of Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems; • Implementing instruments and standards of Kaizen/Lean Production, and ISO (9001, 14001) for strengthening the management systems of enterprises; • Assisting in realization of international QMS and Kaizen/Lean Production projects and preparing presentations and reports on existing problems, possible solutions and completed activities. Gained transferable skills and achievements: • Gained experience and knowledge in Management Systems, Kaizen/Lean Production: planning, controlling, assessing and auditing business processes in enterprises; • Attained practical skills in Management Systems through realization of mini-projects in implementation of QMS/ Lean Production standards and instruments; • Achievement in reducing transportation and warehousing expenses through implementing the tools of QMS and Kaizen/Lean Production in local enterprises. Reason of leaving: projects' ending. June 2006 — December 2010 4 years 7 months RNGM, LLC (Investment company) Uzbekistan Senior Finanical Analyst Responsibilities and functions: • Making analysis of markets and economy sectors, complex analysis of macroeconomic indicators, economic performance of industries and financial performance of companies; • Preparing business plans, market and industry analysis, Technical Economic Viability (Feasibility Study) reports of new projects; • Defining economy sectors and industries with potential for growth in order to develop and realize the investment strategy with performance of risk management; • Gathering and analyzing market and financial data using statistical software and information sources for developing forecasts and trading on stock exchanges; • Preparing fundamental and technical researches of economy sectors and industries, top-down and SWOT analysis. • Ensuring consistency of financial data and directing monthly on-time reporting of P&L, Cash Flow Statement, Sales and Revenue; • Developing and financial evaluating new products and projects, making scenarios, comparative analysis and presenting project plans to general management. Gained transferable skills and achievements: • Gained experience and practical knowledge about sectors and industries of economy; • Gained experience and skills in making market, financial, fundamental and technical analysis, forecasting and investment strategy defining; • Development and realization of successful investment projects with effective risk management and accurate analysis; • Attained leadership and managing skills as a supervisor of newbie analysts.
Личные качества: A good team player with ability to adapt well to new situations and with excellent communication skills that were acquired in international environment. Creative and enthusiastic manager with an outgoing organizational and excellent analytical skills, who enjoys challenges and seeing them through, while remaining confident and good humored under pressure.
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